jueves, 17 de septiembre de 2009

Super Fun Happy Slide - The Undislodgable Nugget Scenario - 2009

Brutal disco de esta banda Australiana de Grind-Crust


1. It's A Fast One
2. It's Not Taboo If It Happens To You
3. Thrashed Out Gash
4. Designer Rock Can Suck My Cock
5. Regurgitation Of Giblet-Like Chunks Of Pathologically Perverse Gore
6. De-Virginiser
7. Bohemian Sodomy
8. Hot Dog Down A Hallway
9. Let's Thrash Metal
10. Fuck... I Just Copped A Beer Glass To My Head!!
11. Gastrological Ventriliquist
12. Revenge Of The Afterstench
13. Retreat To Nowhere (Napalm Death Cover)
14. I Can't Believe It's Not Carcass
15. Placenta On The Dancefloor
16. Undislodgable Nugget Scenario
17. Napalm Shower
18. Superfunhappysong
19. The Day Everything Became Something


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