jueves, 9 de abril de 2009

Infected Disarray - Disseminating Obscenity - 2009

Brutal Death Metal

1. Pre-natal Excavation of Diseased Ovarian Atrocity, Demonstrating the Necessity for Extreme Prejudicial Infanticide Within the Vomit Filled Womb
2. To the Sorrow Filled Eyes and Pallid Bloated Corpulence of My Drowned Children
3. Masticated Remains of Detruncation
4. The Opening to Her Torso
5. Exhumation and Gross Disfiguration of Festering Stiffs
6. Promulgation of Infected Innards
7. Gestated Human Slurry
8. Viscous Dermal Tissue Necrotizing in Venereal Quagmire
9. Side Order of Flies
10. Disseminating Obscenity


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