lunes, 20 de abril de 2009

Neuropraxia - Tell Your Mom I Said Thanks - 2009

Death Metal Goregrind desde New Jersey, USA

01. Festering Drippage
02. Can You Smell What The Crematorium Is Cooking?
03. Twat Waffle
04. Mc Flaps
05. The Art of Vaginal Consumption
06. Hole In Fun
07. Brain Legions
08. A.B.C. (Ass Balls Connection)
09. My Dick Was Cleaner Than Her Hands
10. I Gotta Get The Fuck Out Of Here
11. Whore Mongers
12. Tongue Punch My Dirtstar
13. Cunt Eater Fetus Beater
14. Wheres Eddie Savitz


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